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Cacti - The Project!


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Welcome to my newest project - Project Cacti!
I love gardening and planting, but the worst thing is when you go away, and forgot to water your plants. So I created the Cacti Project! Now you can have beautiful cacti in your home, without worrying about the dying! 
I started off with an initial idea when watering my plants, and it wen from there! I spent time researching different varieties of Cacti. For this project I picked two - the Echinopsis pachanoi and the Mammillaria. By clicking on these links you can learn about these beautiful cacti! 
I built the project in Mecabricks and edited it in Photopea
I hope you like the idea! At 100 supporters I will release them with flowers! At 1000 supporters I will release a third cacti! Please support and share with your friends and gardeners alike! Comment any questions!

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