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colour vs colour

in this idea you start to collect up an army of motorcycles as you gradualy progress in your army of bikes you then choose a second colour and work your way to get the same number of bikes as the first colour you chose but each colour comes with a diffrent list of attack and defence moves all printed on a card you can trade these with friends and family and you could even get the whole family to collect a colour. there are eight diffrent colours(blue,maroon,gold,silver,yellow,red,black and white)

gold vs silver

red vs yellow

black vs white

when you buy a single pack you get ten 2x4 bricks of that colour
when you buy a twin pack you get 20 2x4 bricks of that colour
and when you buy a four pack you get 50 2x4 bricks of that colour
thes bricks are used to build your territory and say if you have white ikes you may only use white 2x4 bricks to build your territory
each bike starts with 100 points and you take of the number according to the attack

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