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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


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"Won't you be my neighbor?" --Fred Rogers
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Mister Rogers is here to say hello. Hop on the trolley and come and see more of the fun.

The Living Room
With every little detail added within this little build you will find everything you will need to have a joyful day with our friend Fred Rogers. Look inside of the closet and their you will find a green sweater to swap out of! Take a seat and enjoy a story of The Land of Make Believe!

The Land of Make Believe
The Land of Make Believe is an amazing place full of imagination. Meet new friends and enjoy a trip to the museum, King Friday's castle or the tree! Lady Elaine Fairchilde, King Friday, and Daniel Tiger are all waiting to meet you!

Bringing it all together
Each of the builds have technic attachments to connect them in about any way: on the back, the front, or even on the side of Make Believe! The two areas will never be far from each other!
These two could make a good desk toy or centerpiece or just a simple collector's item!

Mister Rogers Neighborhood was a brilliant TV show that helped young children and even adults find there place in the world. He held a special place in the hearts of children's for a long time so lets continue that only in the form of Legos! Help me make this possible and support this if you would like to see this as an amazing set that everyone can enjoy!

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