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Home Interior Designs

This creation features a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, and an office/study.

The dining room includes a table with two chairs, as well as a flower in a pot. Above the flower is a brick built picture and around the windows are curtains.

The kitchen has a sink, many cupboards, a stove with a fume hood, and a table with a cookie and a cup of tea.

The bedroom includes a bed, a table with a lamp, and another picture on top of the bed. Toys are also placed on the floor. Curtains are also around the window.

The living room features a couch, a lamp and a TV on top of a fireplace.

The office/study has a desk with a chair, and a briefcase leaning on the side of the desk. Behind the desk is a bookshelf with a flower and a coffee mug on the very top. Curtains also line the outside of the windows.

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