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Custom Chambers


Chell + Portal Device Update

Modified both Chell and Portal Device. 


Turret Update

I'm releasing images for the brand new turret design! This turret is seventeen (17) pieces. The set could either come with one defective turret and one sentry turret, or three sentry turrets and one defective turret. The defective turret is a recolored sentry turret. Stay tuned for more updates!


Character Update

In this new update, I've added not one, but TWO brand new additions to the pack! This new additions are your helper robot, Wheatley, and your termination robot, the sentry turret! These two iconic characters from portal are one of the cool things I hope to see in LEGO. This new models are both 13 peices, and there would be one Wheatley included in the set, three sentry turrets, and one defective turret. This turret is temporary and will change. I will be releasing images of the defective turret soon.

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