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Custom Chambers


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Portal is a very popular franchise, and besides the new LEGO Dimensions pack, we don't have a set for it. This is why I created the Custom Test Chamber idea.

This set includes:

1 Minifigure (Chell) - Chell is the main character you play as in Portal 1 and 2.

2 Portal Devices (Blue/Orange) - Portal Devices shoot the Portals. There is a blue one, for the people who want their character to hold a blue portal device, and same goes for the orange portal device.

1 Companion Cube - Companion Cubes are a main source in Portal. They are used to put on pressure plates.

2 Portals (Blue/Orange) - Go in blue, come out orange. Go in orange, come out blue. Pretty self explanatory.

1 Pressue Plate - Put the cube on it to activate something!

1 User Operated Highly Sophisticated Button - Just press it.

1 Test Chamber - The base of the whole model. You kind of need it.

1 Floating Pad - Put a companion cube or Chell on this stand.


This set has 227 pieces. The price would be about $22.70 for the whole set. The floor is studded so you can prop things, and portals can go on the floor too! The wall has some studs for propping the floating pads and portals on. It has an exit on the top right, so you can actually leave this test chamber. This set is geared towards any age if you want to have fun!

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