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Art Deco Cinema


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The magic of cinema has endured for over a century but advances in technology has moved much of the way we enjoy movies right to our own living rooms.
With this build I wanted to share a little nostalgia while at the same time, offering a fun way to play movies at home.
I took inspiration from the Art Deco style cinema in York, England. 
The frontage to this build is very similar to the real building which was disused for a lot of its recent history but is now back to its heyday glory.
I really enjoyed looking at Art Deco as a moment and I think there’s huge potential for more sets in this style. 
Internally, though, I have freestyled a lot to make the key play features workable. In particular the swappable screen. 
Other deliberate details in this build include:
  • UK Junction box 
  • North Yorkshire black and gold bin
  • Pedestrian crossing highlights 
  • Macintosh style bar chairs
  • Art Deco (SNOT) painting
  • Rail lighting rig for the bar
  • Spotlights in main theatre 
  • Cinema reel storage 
  • Reel projector 
  • Dyson “Blade” hand dryer 
  • Snack bar with trailer screens behind it
  • Spinning ventilation on the roof
  • Fire escape signage 
  • Art Deco wall design in main theatre 
  • Art Deco shape to stage in main theatre
  • Art Deco surround to theatre screen area
  • Old fashioned cistern 
  • 1990s Mac PC in projector room 
  • RHS viewing window through projector room

My little one suggested I build this so she could watch Disney+ on my phone inside a Lego Cinema. 
As I developed the cinema, I discovered my phone was exactly one brick wide and would slide in and out with ease. 
While it’s not pictured for obvious reasons it’s really easy to see how this could work. 
Please forgive the crude phone mock up. It’s just to illustrate how it works. 
I can’t begin to describe how much fun it looks when you play a movie with the mini figs looking on with you.
We watched the opening crawl to Star Wars - A New Hope and I got chills!

Where I think this idea has even more potential is “premier night screenings”. 
Especially with all the official Lego connections with Disney in particular. 
If you like this enough out there, I will be honoured and delighted to show you what I mean through an update. 

If you have got this far reading my blurb, I thank you for your interest. Lego Ideas is new to me and I’m really interested and impressed by this community. 

Wishing you all many happy hours of building. So many of you have inspired me already. 

With thanks. 


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