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Back to Mars: Tracked Vehicles & Service Station

Please refer also to the main project Back to Mars - a classic space theme!

Let's celebrate the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars at the 6th of August 2012!

In order to prepare the terra forming and colonization of Mars, humans created a series of tracked vehicles. This was only possible by using a standard chassis and utilizing it in order to cover all the upcomming requirements:

- Communication (transmitter & receiver antenna, driver & officer)
- Mining Vehicle (combined ground sensor and driller, driver & engineer)
- Service Vehicle (cable winch and spar parts, technican & service droid)
- Tactical Tank (laser cannon turret, driver & gunner)
- Defense Tank (flick-fire missile launcher, driver & gunner)

Additionally - due to sharing the standard chassis - spare parts can easily be exchanged between the different vehicle typs.

To be able to handle the complete fleet with less astronauts, a full featured service station was constructed. It is powered by 2 dual solar panels and has got an own communitation antenna system. The entry works like a two-way airlock and is secured by a camera system.

The service station is based on a hanger with 8 autonomous repair robots and two base buildings interconnected by an airlock system. There is a rest room for the astronauts and a conning bridge to control the robots (incl. mainframe for computation) available. The complete station is managed by 4 astronauts and 2 service droids, so it's ready to run at 24/7 mode.

Service station details and convoy in action (tactics - service - comm - defense - mining)

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