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Super Star Destroyer - Microfighter


Hi, all!

After a comment by user catznbears (thanks) about my Sandcrawler Microfighter ( project were he said and I quote "(...)to make such a huge vehicle in microfighter scale is incredible(...)", I thought to my self... Challenge accepted! (yep, I saw HIMYM too). So, here it is my Super Star Destroyer Microfighter project.

Some of you may thing that my choice for the main picture was (at very least) a weird one, but there's a reason... my Super Star Destroyer Microfighter "only" has 11 engines, unlike the original one which has 13. I tried to place all the 13 engine, but that would make the ship too wide and then the piece counter would fire up. So I had to compromise: cut down 2 engines and stay below the 105 piece limit, which I managed to do. Just to give you a idea, my first version with 13 engine (and in fairness, way more good looking then this one) had almost 250!

On a side note... to you thing that Lego will ever accept 2 spring loaders in a microfighter?


Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I also hope you like it and support it. If you do... Thanks!


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PS: To whoever says this or other project, mine or not, has to many knobs showing, I say this:

THIS... IS... LEGO!!!


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