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NASA Vehicle Assembly Building (1:900)


Celebrating 1,000 supporters!

A big thank you to everyone that has supported this project so far. A few of the commenters have enquired about building at different scales, so here is a tiny version for some added fun.


Introducing the Space Shuttle

Here is a model of the Space Shuttle to complement the set, made to the same scale. It could be included as an alternative to a couple of the SLS vehicles and would add some nice variety. The MLP it is attached to is different from the version with the launch tower, as the Flight Service Structure would be integrated into the launch pad.


Celebrating the first 100 supporters!

A rendering of the VAB with its classic look, for those who want to indulge in a little nostalgia. Some have expressed interest in seeing this version of it. The image has been enhanced to give it that 1960s appearance.

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