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Soilder's Outpost


Have you ever wanted to go back in time and see the knights of old? Do you want a Lego set that looks nice and is playable? Do you like good Lego builds as much as I do? If you fall into this catagory please support my Soilder's Outpost and share my Lego idea with your family and friends.

The Soilder's Outpost has many playable features including:

.A removeable turrent providing better acess to the armoury.

.A removeable and positionable flag, mouse and barrel with a chicken wing.

.Three minifigures with changable weapons including: two spears and swashbuckling sabers,sword,sheild and battle axe.

.A outpost with scenery, culvert and places to put minifigures, weapons and other accesories.

If you believe my Soilder's Outpost should become an official Lego set please support it and leave a comment. Feedback is appreciated.

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