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Welcome to the Planetarium!

I created this project based on the Modular Building series. There are many playable features, opportunities for education & imagination, and even a secret back-story! The front features innovative use of pieces for the corner edge design, and the roof line. The appearance suggests the planetarium builders use of an older building, preserving the classic look on the second floor while fully modernizing the first floor with a glass atrium.

Any color of banners featuring constellations can hang from the upper windows. The 17-stud-diameter curved wall supports interior stairs, and provides a little off-center quirkiness to the building.

Features inside include planets and customizable star constellations. A small reference book could be included in this set giving educational information about the planets, as well as describing the different constellations and their history, along with the best way to display each pattern.

I have worked on this for over a year. I don't have or use software/LDD. This is an actual build. And that meant tearing apart and rebuilding with every iteration I went through to design this. It also meant I had to remove some front wall portions to get the pictures here. So please excuse such gaps/inconsistencies between some of the pictures.

I humbly ask for your support of this project. But more than support, it is very important that you share this on your social media. I only have about 20 friends, so if nobody shares, this project will get about 20 votes, and that will be it. Sharing is the key.

By now, you've looked at all the pictures. You probably have some questions about them. Let's go on a tour of the building. An employee will be guiding you along - pictures are numbered to assist in matching with the tour storyline below.


1-5) "Welcome to the Planetarium Tour. Let's start with just a quick look around the outside of the building. The sides show remnants of perhaps old brickwork used in the original construction. A ladder in back accesses the roof."

6) "Here we see a couple patrons enjoying the hanging plant in front..."

7) "...and here I am welcoming patrons inside."

8) "Now let me welcome you inside. Just come on through the working turnstile, and let me show you around."

9) "This is where patrons purchase admission. Of course, today your tour is free."

10) "Here is one of our new computer workstations where patrons look up information about the universe."

11-12) "This is our Solar System display above, with interactive display below. Just press the button to see details of the selected planet."

13) "This is one of our newest attractions, made possible by the latest computer technology. It is a two-person station, where patrons stand on opposite sides, each controlling part of a craft as they try to successfully land on Mars."

14) "From the early days of space exploration, we have our Rocket Display, and a Space Suit actually used on a space walk!"

15-18) "The floor here is tiled like a Black Hole. Kids love running around the spiral shape! The center holds the post for our large globe. Yes, what would a planetarium be without a big Spinning Globe of Earth."

19-20) "Let's go up the glass stairs to the second floor."

21-25) "First exhibit we see up here is the Mars Walk. This is a place kids can walk through, climb on, and have pictures taken. There is a Mars Rover, too (stores in the Mars Walk.)"

26) "Yes, we have a Gift Shop, too! My coworker is here to help you with your purchases."

27) "Continuing down the hall, this support pillar has been painted to represent what a Mars core sample might look like, if we could go there and take one."

28) "This is the entrance to the Star Show Theater.  But before we go in there, let me show you ..."

29) "...our display of actual Moon Rocks."

30-32) "Inside this room, the ceiling raises up revealing the theater. The projector spins a full rotation, and the seats recline as well. The star pattern on the ceiling can be changed to any design one chooses (using the "moon rocks" for sale in the gift shop). Of course, these stars also glow in the dark."

33-34) "Let's go up the stairs to the third floor... the Observatory!"

35-37) "There are lots of features up here ... weather data, a chalkboard for astronomers to take notes, even a hotline to call with any findings!"

38-39) "The Observatory rotates a full 360 degrees, and opens/closes, too. So, that's the tour, hope you liked it.  ...what? saw something in the back of the building?  Oh, I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

40-43) "Ok, here is the door to the back area, where we keep the garbage dumpster. And let me explain. Everyone lately has been talking about Mars, and wanting a Mars exhibit. Well, in order for us to put in the Mars Walk upstairs, we had to toss out the prior exhibit ... the Space Shuttle. But hey, it's an extra piece to play with. Oh, and those are the old computer systems tossed out when we upgraded to the new flat-glass screens."

44) "So once again, thanks for ... what? more in back? I don't know what you are talking about... Oh, here's my boss, maybe he can help, I've got to get back to work."  -- "Hello, I'm Agent Jim. I'm sorry I'm late; let me take you to the back."

45-51) "When you want to enter the agent's back room, sit at this computer terminal, and enter the secret code. Then sit back and enjoy the ride... the wall swings around, and..."

52-54) "Welcome to the X Room! Here is where we keep, and study, aliens and other strange unexplained phenomenon. There are items on the walls, and a crate full of other small objects we don't yet understand."

55) "Now let me take you up to the roof. We'll just use the ladder in back..."

56-57) "...OH!  So that's where she got to. Just a little critter that escaped from the X Room. I'll deal with her later."

58-59) "This is the roof. We think we've found an alien communication device, or possibly a teleportation pad. Until we figure it out, we needed to keep other people away from here. So, we intentionally placed that endangered-species bird over there, and installed the camera system, so people can see what's going on without climbing up here. Nice cover story, we think."

60) "So there you have it. How do you like our little facility? ...wait aren't an agent, too? Hmmm..."

61-62) " me a favor, and take a good look at this green light here..."  FWOOSH!

63-64) "...I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Planetarium. Your support is appreciated. Tell your friends!"

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