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A custom Gundam I can call my own... I'm ecstatic! I've been trying to submit this for a while, but my computer has a bad graphics chip. Between that and the cropping glitch for Lego Ideas, these are my best pictures. Like all Gundam, I stuck with the classic white, blue, yellow, and gold color scheme, (because it's cool).
Lord Gundam Features his own ultimate ability too. Shoulder pads lift, crown folds out, and mask flips open to reveal his horrifiying face! I had a bit of trouble finding something to stick there, but after recent products I've seen, I think it'll do. Thrusters fold out of the legs and ankles. Wings are fully posable, and each boast the ability to be detatched as swords. Skirt moves in various ways to allow greater hip movement and style.
I've went way out of my way to ensure Lord Gundam is as stable and as poseable as possible. Everything from the torso down has clicking hinges while everything topside uses ball-hinges. The arms appear to be mounted to the shoulder pads, which in turn connect weakly to Lord Gundam's torso, however, this is not the case. Waist flexes foward and back as well as twists 360 degrees. Shoulder pads are independently hinged, theraby dispersing the weight of the arms throughout the chassis without inflicting too much strain on the ball-hinge attaching them. All in all, Lord Gundam should be capable of holding nearly any pose one inflicts upon him.

You may wonder, Why name it Lord Gundam? Well, above all other mobile suits, this one reigns Lord. No Leo, Zaku, or even Gundam suit can compete with the awesome potential this Gundam in particular holds. The reason for this being the case, is Lord Gundam's ability to react purely from his pilot's feelings. Positive feelings will increase it's agility and speed, while likewise, Negative feelings decrease those buffs and instead increase attack and armor. All these changes occur on the battlefield as the pilot fights for his/her life, making the Lord Gundam nearly as impossible to measure as the human heart.

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