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Japanese Tea House

I would like to dedicate my new kit to Japanese culture, which is very rich in interesting details and known for its recognizable architecture and style. 

About the set
This kit recreates a classic tea house, which in Japan is called Tiachitsu. Such tea houses were built as simply as possible, without excessive decoration, in order that the furnishings and interior created the highest sense of beauty and harmony. Such a house was always located in a garden, so I decided to add a sakura tree and a small traditional rock garden to the set.

The only decoration allowed inside the Tiachitsu was a scroll with a philosophical saying or a painting, and a bunch of flowers (in my set it was a vase). The scroll was always placed opposite the entrance in a special place "tokonoma". And of course, the tea ceremony cannot do without special dishes and a table. And also cushions, because the Japanese prefer to drink tea sitting on the floor during the tea ceremony, to achieve meditation and a sense of complete harmony. In total 573 parts are used in the set.

What is this kind of noobor made for? I think I wanted to put some philosophical overtones here. When we assemble lego sets, it is basically like the same meditation. So this set not only reflects the interesting culture of other people, but also makes us stop and think a little bit about the essence of being. 

Plus, a set like this I think will be a great decoration for your shelf and will please all fans of Japanese culture. Thank you for your attention

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