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Ndebele Village


100 Supporters in 1 day!

Wow! The support has been overwhelming!

To show our gratitude we would like to present you with some more images that shed a spotlight on a specific part of the Ndebele Village set.

For this first Milestone (that we achieved in less than 24 hours!) we present you with...
the Wood-burning Stove:

This efficient smart-solution to the age old problem of "why is my food so cold?" fits easily into the recess under the rustic face-brick chimney.

This omelet-burner can be removed to reveal the perpetual flaming acacia wood atop which presents the perfect perch to pop a potjie on.

Once again, we thank you dearly and from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We know that with you on board we will have no problem achieving the next milestone.

Next up (1000 supporters) the acacia tree!


Welcome to our Village!

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