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Ndebele Village


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A traditional South African Ndebele hut with a small paddock for cattle, an acacia tree, a Ndebele vehicle and four Ndebele minifigures.

The Ndebele nation is one of the Bantu ethnic groups in Southern Africa. The Ndebele tribe is known for its splendid colourful hut designs and traditional attire.

The colourful Ndebele patterns are the perfect application of the variety Lego presents as a medium. The wall sections consist of a small set of duplicate sections that create the pattern when put together, which means that they are also interchangeable and customizable.

This is a collaborative project between myself and @Palesa1. We were both born and raised in South Africa and have a deep sense of appreciation for the various indigenous traditions of our people. We strongly believe that this will create awareness and give the children of South Africa a Lego set to play with that feels familiar to them.

In 2021, we worked on a children’s book which captured the so loved Ndebele theme. As Lego fans, we decided to create this Ndebele Lego set not only because we are fascinated by the culture of one of our African tribes, but also because we couldn’t stop talking about how much we would enjoy building this set ourselves.

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