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Chimney Tree Mine (Classic Lego Dwarves)


Victory is a stone’s throw away!

Jcreations912 suggested awhile back that I add some traps or functions to the model. So I added two levers that the Dwarves can use to roll boulders down the mountain at any enemies that would try to attack their mountain home!


Luminous pictures!

FermiumVirMK85 suggested I upload some pictures of the build using the new luminous colors on Studio. So here they are! The first picture shows the mine area lit up by torches and the other two pictures show the smithy area lit up by the forge, torches, and a candle. The dwarves are just pulling a white hot sword from the fire! Hope you like the pictures as much as I do!


Bad Guys

In this update I have included some trolls and a catapult to increase play possibilities. Have the trolls attack the mountain with their catapult and arm the dwarves for a counterattack. There are 3 troll spearmen, 2 troll swordsmen, 1 troll archer and a catapult with four missiles. 


Alternate skin color for Minifigures.

In this update I have changed the skin color of the Dwarves from Lego yellow to flesh colored. With this skin color the Minifigures would fit perfectly with Lord of the Rings or Hobbit sets. Hope you like it! 


Alternate main picture.

In this update I have a suggestion for an alternate main picture where the background is more blurred so that the model itself is more visible. I would really appreciate any feedback you would have on it! 


100+ supporters!

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you out there who helped this project make it over the first milestone! We did it in under two days! Thank you all for your support!!! 

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