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House from Up


Proof of concept

I managed to create a proof of concept of the house using available parts, check out all sides of the build ;-)!



Since LEGO doesn't produce new molds for Ideas sets and the existing LEGO dogs don't look like Dug at all, I gave it my best to make a brick-built version to roughly the right scale. I tried to incorporate as much of his characteristic features as possible on this scale. Without further ado, I present: Dug!



What would a LEGO set be without... minifigures? I have been postponing this way too long, but here are the first 2 minifigures I would love to add to the house:

  1. Carl: I couldn't decide on a grumpy or a smiling Carl, so why not have both? A dual printed head would be awesome!
  2. Russell: Our favorite Wilderness Explorer, carrying a backpack with all the gear he needs for the greatest adventure!

Feedback is welcome in the comments section!

PS: There are a few more on their way... ;-)



By popular demand... I resized the house to fit the minifigure scale. That also freed up enough parts to add some balloons! I really hope you like this update. Be sure to support it and don't forget to share! :-)



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