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Cute 4 Studs Wide Steam Engine with Working Headlight


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This project is a 4 studs wide steam engine with a working headlight. The headlight is turned on by lifting up the roof of the cab and then pushing a lever forward (and then to the left to hold it in the forward position). This pushes forward an axle which pushes the button at the back of a light brick.

The steam engine runs on an oval of track which has a sloped section on either side. The higher part of the track is supported by arches. I've tested this project thoroughly and the steam engine runs very smoothly on the track and never accidentally comes off.

If this were to become an actual set then I think that the track might look better if it were light grey. I've used the only colour that it's been made in up until now though.

So far Lego have never made a train for 4 studs wide train track (just a couple of roller-coasters), and I think that this would be a fun Lego set that would appeal to people of all ages.

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