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Little Red Schoolhouse


Thank you to all supporters!

As the deadline for the Little Red Schoolhouse approaches, I would like to extend a heartfelt UCS-sized Thank You to everyone who viewed this project.  I am particularly grateful to all of you who supported the project and left encouraging comments.

If you expect to be in Texas next July, please come check out Brick Fiesta in Houston, July 7-10, 2016 ..


Thanks again to all, and Play Well! 



"Outstanding MOC" award

First of all, I'd like to thank the 400+ fans who have expressed their interest in this Schoolhouse project.  I am grateful for your support - if you have a chance to pass on your interest in this project to others, please do so!

Second, I would like mention that I presented the Schoolhouse this past weekend at Brick Fiesta 2015 in Austin, Texas.  I am honored that the judges felt it deserved an "Outstanding MOC" award.  Many thanks to GlenBricker and the other co-chairs of the convention - not just for the award, but for running a great show.  By the way, Brick Fiesta will be in Houston, summer 2016.

Please note that the football game to the side of the school in these photos is just additional filler for the show, and is not intended as a revision to the design … unless everyone really likes it, of course!



Thank you for reaching 100!

I want to thank the first 100 supporters!  I am extremely (and pleasantly) surprised to reach this milestone within a week of posting this project.  Thank you for your support, and thanks for all the complimentary comments.

I did notice there were a couple remarks regarding the flag.  I chose to represent an American flag largely because my experience with this type of school building has been throughout rural USA.  Also, LEGO provided an American flag in the design of 10197 Fire Brigade, so I felt it would be acceptable here.

Certainly there could be a number of options for the flag in a production set, such as: 1. Keep the American flag.  2. Provide a generic flag, non-specific to any country (or provide a "Legoland" type flag).  3. Provide an assortment of pieces from which each owner of the set could create their own flag.  4. Omit the flag, and let each owner provide their own, if they wish.  After all, the joy of LEGO is being able to modify and create whatever we want!

Thank you again!