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Little Red Schoolhouse


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LEGO city residents have not had many options for a good education.  While there have been many employment opportunities for fire fighters, police officers and construction workers, the children of these fine workers have been somewhat ignored.

I propose a Little Red Schoolhouse for the children of your LEGO city.  This design is based on one-room school buildings built throughout the United States many years ago.  Previously-released LEGO sets such as 10197 Fire Brigade and 10218 Pet Shop have set the precedent of using older buildings as inspiration for current models.

Students may arrive at this school on the included school bus, or ride their bike and park it in the bike rack, or walk on the sidewalk.  Every morning the teacher greets students on the front porch, and someone can raise the flag on the flagpole.

Inside, the teacher has her own detailed desk to sit at, and she can use the green chalkboard for instruction.  The students have 2 desks for their use, plus they can select a book from the bookshelf, study geography using the globe, and do research using the computer.  At recess time the children can play in the yard, or use the tire swing hanging from the tree; they then return inside when the bell inside the cupola rings.

This Schoolhouse features architectural detailing inside and out.  Textured red LEGO bricks provide a look and feel of real brick construction.  Clips on the roof peak mimic actual ridge caps on roofs.  The ceiling is designed to look as if it is constructed of wood beams, and there are pendant light fixtures attached.

In this model I have omitted one wall of the school building for easy access and viewing of the interior; a removable wall could be designed for a production set if desired.  Also, the cupola, roof, and ceiling sections of the school can all be removed for access to the interior.  The roof of the school bus can similarly be removed to access the driver and passenger seats inside.  

I propose 4-5 mini figures with this set: a woman teacher, a man bus driver, plus 2 or 3 children.

This model is not strictly modular in the sense that it can be attached with pins to other LEGO sets; however, it is constructed on a standard 32x32 baseplate so it will easily fit with other LEGO city buildings.

Thank you for looking at the Little Red Schoolhouse project!  I hope you find it worthy of your support.


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