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Brick Canyon Bridge and Falls


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Follow the twisting road deep into Brick Canyon and you will find the historic bridge that crosses Brick Canyon Falls. This scenic waterfall is nearly 34 bricks tall, with an average flow of more than 175 grille plates per minute. Its mass has been scientifically measured at 2998 bricks on a base that measures 64 studs wide by 44 studs deep.

The bridge, which I built first, was partially inspired by California's "Bridge to Nowhere". You cannot drive to this bridge, but that explains why the cars have more of a California sports car style. When I added the waterfall (which is not based on any specific landmark), I changed the design to more closely resemble the American southwest. The cliff is slowly being eroded by flash floods and seasonal rains, creating the rugged landscape that we find it in today. But the bridge is securely anchored into the mountains on either side, allowing for safe passage for the drivers overhead.

I built this design because I wanted to see how large of a set I could make within the 3000 piece limit on Lego Ideas. I also wanted to practice some new design techniques, some of which I will show in future updates to this project. It took many attempts to get the design right for both the bridge and the towering cliffs that support the waterfall.

If you view my Lego Ideas page (and also my Facebook page, The Pretzel Project), you will see that many of my designs include nature scenes from America and the world. I have been very fortunate to visit many of our greatest national parks over the last several years, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite to Yellowstone. The beauty of our world is simply stunning, and my family and I have made special memories that will last a lifetime. That is what this design represents to me: the spirit of adventure when you leave the cities behind and follow a narrow twisting road simply to find out where it goes.

Thank you for your time in viewing my project. If you like what you see, click the blue Support button and then share the set on social media. Together we can prove to Lego that planet Earth is ready for some sets of her own.

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