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Log Cabin


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Tired of busy city life? Take a trip to the woods and stay in this log cabin! There are plenty of fun activities to do here - you can canoe down the river, practice your archery skills, roast marshmallows by the campfire, and more! 

I’ve made this build as detailed as possible, and included tons of features & accessories. These include: 
  • An archery range
  • A campfire
  • Small animals 
  • Lots of foliage
  • A canoe
  • Fishing equipment
  • An interior to the cabin

The log cabin’s roof can be easily removed to allow access to the interior. Inside is a bed and a fireplace, as well as some smaller accessories. Outside, the cabin is surrounded by trees and a small river. 

This model includes 2623 pieces, as well as 2 minifigures and a dog. It was built and rendered using

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