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Octuptarra Magna-Tri Droid


Hello fellow fans of Lego! I hope you like my project, and are willing to support it! For a long time Lego fans have been waiting for a Lego set of the Octuptarra droid, and we DID get one earlier 2014. However, I felt we could make something better. To start, when lego made the set, they decided to make the smaller version of this battle droid, aka the Octuptarra Battle Combat Tri-Droid. That left less space for detail and accuracy, therefor leading to a fun, yet less fit for display, play set. This larger version can now be both played with AND used in EPIC displays, towering over your clone army! To add; though large in size, the Octuptarra Tri-Droid has a relatively small pieces count, allowing either lego to make a very cheap set, or add other vehicles to the scene. Both the head and cannons turn, allowing the full range of action. Also (not shown in the pictures), the turrets can turn up and down, adding to the firing range. I used a Planet Series sphere as the head, so I would assume that (the same way they did with the planets), Lego would make a pretty cool looking decal for the head, adding to the turning ability given to it. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this Lego Idea, and will support it!


P.S. One of the images are official Star Wars property, and were used only  for reference, given so the viewer may compare to the Lego Idea. 

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