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Zorglub in his Zorglumobile


This is a Lego model of the belgian comic character zorglub in his zorglumobile.

For those who don't know him: He occured first in 1959 as something between a typical James Bond villain and a mad scientist in a Spirou and Fantasio comic. He has reformed entire villages into bases for his army made from hypnotized policemen, the zorglhommes. With them he manages to steal several military secrets and technology, including the zorglumobile.

In difference to other villains, he is actually too warm in his heart to be an evil genius. After his first plan to rule the world fails, he regrets and drives home on a bike, for example. Also... he is super clumsy.

The reason why this model should be a real Lego set is easy: I read the comic as a child. I forgot the whole story until I recently found it again, but one thing remained in my mind all the time. The zorglumobile. A flying car! In red! With a super futuristic shape... for 1959. I found it super fascinating, so I immediately wanted to build it with Lego bricks (of course, the most obvious reaction) but back at that time, the most important parts like the transparent bulb or the propellers didn't yet exist. So I had to finish my work now.

By the way, did you remark that today's prototype flying cars look pretty identical? And did you also see that the model has an extendable landing gear?

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