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Lego Speed Champions Citroen DS 2

This is a model of the iconic Citroen DS 2 in the new Lego Speed Champions 8 studs format.

There are various reasons why it has to become a "real" Lego set:
- The DS is obviously the coolest car ever built! Why else would it be called la deesse (the goddess)?
- It is an essential feature of every good gangster movie playing in the 60's and 70's (very important for all Brickfilms)
- When I saw the new Speed Champions Audi Quattro, I thought: "Wicked design, but this car has so many edges, it is actually too easy to build it with Lego bricks". The Citroen DS however, has such a streamline shape that I actually wasn't sure if it can really be built as a small scale Lego model.
-By the way, some people might recognise the 2 Minifigures: They are the main actors of  the German TV series "jerks" in which the DS plays a supporting role. I thought it's a nice joke to rather show those two lads, than including the typical race driver.

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