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Big Dai-X : A Microfighter Mecha!


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When the X-Bomber starship comes under fire from enemy astrofighters, the Dai-X fighters launch out to engage them and hold the line. When faced with insurmountable odds, Shiro, Barry and Lee execute the Dai-X Junction manoeuvre. LegTrax transforms to form legs and hips, MainBody docks to form the torso and finally BrainCom docks to bring the Dai-X mecha online.

The Dai-X mecha fights in the air and on land, using a combination of heavy armour, brute strenth and multiple firepower options to take the fight to the Imperial Alliance.

You can read more about Dai-X here. I have very fond memories of this mecha from childhood; it was my first introduction to Sentai style combining brawling robots! He's unique, however, in being piloted by rod puppets! He's also very fondly remembered by 80s kids for all these reasons. He was a Go Nagai design, who is better known for his animated mecha creations.

The Set Concept

The Microfighter idea came to me as the most obvious way to get across the component fighters of the Dai-X, the courageous pilots fresh from the Earth Defence Force academy and the mecha as the whole. I couldn't quite get BrainCom to look like it did originally as a fighter at this scale, but felt it was more important that the mecha as a whole worked. It has articulated feet, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows and the fists and head rotate. It also carries spring shooter missiles on its back, ready for deployment from concealed chest launchers.

The set comes in at around 850 pieces, and I think it would work well for families with more than one child - a Dai-X fighter each in one set, combining to form a really formidable robot. Or, just a cool deskbot for a grown up! When I was promoting my X-Bomber project (currently gathering support) I had several requests for Dai-X, so here he is!

I hope you enjoy this model, this was all done digitally although I have built half a leg just to convince myself it can be done! Please share it with your friends! Thanks for your attention.

PS The fists have to be added from a few spare parts - just like in the original show, there's no way for them to appear otherwise!

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