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Red Bull Racing F1 Team RB18 1:12 Scale


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I would like to present to you my design of the Red Bull F1 RB18 in 1:12 Scale. I think its perfect scale for models build in traditional system technique but still remain main features.This is my car I designed for F1 2022 season. The regulation changes in the motor-sport completely reshape look of the F1 cars. Its one of the biggest changes in F1 history between seasons. The new cars have a lot of new features like venturi tunnels, new front and rear wing shape, wheel covers, wheel fenders.

In the past this model would fit perfectly for LEGO Racers theme so maybe it could be a hint to bring it back :)

The model is in 1:12 it means that:
Dimensions 45 x 16 x 10 cm
Weight 1,0 kg 
Approx. 1180 pcs

It features:
- brick build v6 engine
- removable front wing  
- removable engine cover,  
- removable headrest system  
- manual drs 
- steering
- hidden details like tank, radiators, venturi tunnels

I hope you like my design and support it :)

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