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LEGO Sports Car Collection


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LEGO Sports Car Collector Set

Create 2 Sports Cars and drive in style with these ultimate 6-post 1-minifig-seater sports car designs.

My proposed project includes enough blocks for two complete sports cars.  One in Red and the other in Blue.  You decide which style and body type from a total of 28 different configurations.  Each car is a standard 6 post wide format with about 150 blocks.  The kit requires a total of about 480 blocks.  I have named the cars a SuperGT Panther and Sparrow GT.  

The SuperGT Panther can be assembled as a Coup, Spyder or SuperGTR Race Car.  The Blue Panther is a solid blue with black ground effects and the SuperGTR includes double Orange stripes.  The Red SuperGT Panther and SuperGTR features a White & Gray center stripe and the same black ground effects.

The Sparrow GT can be a Coup, Targa, Spyder, Nomad or GT3 Race Car.  The Blue Sparrow GT features double white racing stripes.  The Red Sparrow GT features a single off-center white racing stripe.

The Sparrow GT Coup, Targa and Spyder can be modified into a Sparrow RS Coup, Targa or Spyder.  You can also Supercharge the Sparrow RS with an exposed engine design.

Build both a Panther and Sparrow at the same time and you choose which one is Red and which one is Blue and if each is a CoupSpyder/Targa, Nomad (Sparrow only), or Race Car.  The project would also includes two LEGO Minifig drives, one of which would likely be my Minifig, Marcus Firegone.

I have carefully designed and crafted these two cars to comfortably transport a single LEGO Minifigure.  I have refined these LEGO cars over the past few years.  They don’t reflect any particular production car but they do, in their own way, resemble the ideals of modern day sports cars.  The Panther is a mid-engine supercar inspired design like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.  The Sparrow is a front-engine, rear wheel drive sports car inspired design like a Corvette or Mustang.  Once your Minifig slides into the drivers seat of one of these Marcus Firegone creations there is no turning back.  Built by Minifigs for Minifigs!  Enjoy!

Looking for a BLACK versions of these cars?  Check out my LEGO Sports Car Garage: ""

The 28 different configurations based on style, body type and colour combinations:

  1. SuperGT Panther Coup in BLUE
  2. SuperGT Panther Spyder in BLUE
  3. SuperGTR Panther in BLUE (inlcuded in Project Picture)
  4. SuperGT Panther Coup in RED
  5. SuperGT Panther Spyder in RED (included in Project Picture)
  6. SuperGTR Panther in RED
  7. Sparrow Nomad in BLUE
  8. Sparrow Nomad in RED
  9. Sparrow GT Coup in BLUE (included in Project Picture)
  10. Sparrow GT Targa in BLUE
  11. Sparrow GT Spyder in BLUE
  12. Sparrow GT Coup in RED
  13. Sparrow GT Targa in RED
  14. Sparrow GT Spyder in RED (included in Project Picture)
  15. Sparrow GT3 in BLUE
  16. Sparrow GT3 in RED
  17. Sparrow RS Coup in BLUE
  18. Sparrow RS Targa in BLUE
  19. Sparrow RS Spyder in BLUE
  20. Sparrow RS Coup in RED
  21. Sparrow RS Targa in RED
  22. Sparrow RS Spyder in RED
  23. Supercharged Sparrow RS Coup in BLUE
  24. Supercharged Sparrow RS Targa in BLUE
  25. Supercharged Sparrow RS Spyder in BLUE
  26. Supercharged Sparrow RS Coup in RED
  27. Supercharged Sparrow RS Targa in RED
  28. Supercharged Sparrow RS Spyder in RED

Short description of the terms used:

  • GT - “Grand Touring” - Sports Car racing package.
  • RS - "Rally Sport" - Sports Car racing package.
  • Coup - A two door hard top.
  • Targa - A convertible where just the top of the roof is removed and the root posts and rear-window remain.
  • Spyder - A term used for high end sports car convertibles where the entire roof is removed.
  • Nomad - Sport Wagon
  • GTR - "Grand Touring Racing"
  • GT3 - "Grand Touring" Racing classification

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