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A huge part of Christmas for me every year is watching the movie Elf! With fans all over the world of all ages who love the film and its characters. So I have created a LEGO set which features one of the main locations from the film Santa's Workshop at the North Pole.

The set is made of 2624 pieces and has 4 room location areas that can be connected by hinges into an order you like, or kept as separate rooms detached with one outside based area also with details and characters that can be placed freely outside. There are also 2 scene areas Walter Hobbs office and Hobs family eating area.

The Rooms and details are as below.

Room 1 - Santa's Sleigh.

The room where Santa's Sleigh is stored and worked on by buddy and Papa Elf. Santa's Sleigh like in the movie is a bit oversized compared to the room and its contents due to everything been made Elf size but will still fit 2 minifigs inside perfectly side by side. The Sleigh has all the design features like the Clausometer chrome rails plenty of room in the back for presents and not to forget the Kringle 3000, a 500-reindeer power jet turbine engine that Papa Elf engineered when the spirit of Christmas was no longer powerful enough to keep Santa's sleigh airborne.

There is a lantern on the wall and cabinet in the room for storing all of the tools for working on Santa's Sleigh. There is a heater style burner with flue going out the top of the room in the corner of the room.

Santa's Sleigh can be easily taken out of the room and played with and put back into place once finished with secure on display. The large doors can also be opened outwards for effect depending how for the hinged area is open.

Room 2 - Classroom.

The classroom where the elves learn all the important things and rules contains 2 desks one for Buddy and one for another Elf. There is a teacher Elf also who is pointing with his stick to a blackboard with the code of the elves written on it.

There is a small table at the back of the room and also a build learning style table to the side of the room. There are signs up on the walls in the room also for "Toy Piano Tuning" " Doll Painting" "Bear Stuffing" and "Model Train Engineering.

The windows have a stained glass effect to match the movie with a blue transparent plate outside giving a frosty frozen effect.

There are beams and columns in this room also for architectural effect and match the ones in the movie.

Room 3 - Toy Building Workshop.

The job that all elves desire to do work in Santa's Workshop building toys! This room as many features There are Large doors at the back of the room that can be opened with an arch way framework. The window again has a stained glass effect to match the movie with a blue transparent plate outside giving a frosty frozen effect. There are 2 small console style tables with draws and details and one large storage shelve unit to the back left of the room next to a tall cabinet. There is a wheelbarrow full of toys next to the table where there is plenty of room building sitting space for all the elves and all the tools needed to build them.

To the right section of the room there is Buddy sat at the table in the toy testing area after being unable to build toys fast enough now opening Jack in a Boxes. There are 4 lanterns placed around the room all sides ensuring all can be lit and seen while toy building and testing.

Room 4 - Living Room Area.

The living room area is built for relaxing with a large sofa and 2 smaller chairs and there is also a little cot for Suzie to sit in. These all sit in front of a huge fireplace with a log burner and log storage underneath with pots and pans hanging from the mantle.

There are 2 cabinets in the room; one large and one medium size in each corner both next to windows with the stained glass effect to match the movie with a blue transparent plate outside giving a frosty frozen effect.

There is a small table between the chairs with a glass jug and a small cabinet on the left side with a lantern on 2 walls also.

Outside of Room 4 - Front of Building Outside area.

The outside of the front of the living room area has a log cabin effect with 2 windows a door and heavy snow finish with a canopy above the door and a small snow area.

The outside features are detached from the main build. There is the block of ice that Buddy heads off on his travels on surrounded by water. There is a mini snow scene with a tree and Leon the Snowman. A larger snow scene with 2 trees, one either side of Walrus, Polar Bear Cub, Artic Puffin, and a bursting out of the water with splash effect Narwhal scene.

Scene 1 - Walter Hobbs office.

A mini scene featuring Walter Hobbs office with his desk phone paper tray and name on his desk.

Scene 2 - Hobbs Family Eating Area.

All of this gives more space for play and allowing people to have no limits on the outside area positioning the characters and scenes where they like.

The Minifigs and Characters Included in the Set.

Buddy, Jovie, Papa Elf, Walrus, Polar Bear Cub, Artic Puffin, baby Buddy and Susie.

The Hobbs family Michael, Emily and Walter

Santa, Ming Ming, Foom Foom and 5 more elves based on ones from the film unnamed.
Leon the Snowman and Narwhal.

Attention to detail.

From the details on the Minifigs and characters to the small details on cabinets and walls there is plenty to find and see all over the set including these for example.

The book from the film, the photo of Buddy's parents and the New York City snow globe.

There is so much playability in this set and detail also or if even just put on display as one piece or taken apart in sections at the hinges it will look great.

My main goal with this set was allow the playability to recreate scenes from the movie with plenty of space and functionality. For example the snowball fight scene with Buddy and Michael below.

The best thing about the set is having the separate areas that can be detached so if you only want to play with that one area you can easily take it apart and reposition the rooms into a new order if you want to as they all connect the same way at the front.

I have had amazing feedback about this set so far with many Elf fans and family's wanting to build this together at Christmas and have it on display. Each area has a different skill level of building so offers something to everyone of all ages to get together and build and become a Christmas tradition building this set every year.

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