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Island Conquest (LEGO Game)


Island Conquest is a great game, for two to four players, and fun for everyone! 


  • Be the first person to conquer every island!


  • Game board (60 bricks)
  • 4 ships (4 bricks each)
  • 16 houses (4 bricks each)
  • 16 mansions (5 bricks each)
  • 16 forts (14 bricks each)
  • Studs (4 colors; brown, white, black, green. 100 of each color)
  • Die (7 bricks)
  • Kraken minifigure (4 bricks)


  1. Each player gets 10 studs of each color. (If playing with less than 4 players, more than 10 can be used)
  2. Each player gets a corner of their choosing. The player must set up one house in their corner island and have their ship bordering it.
  3. The die is built with 5 sides numbered one through five, and one purple side.
  4. The kraken minifigure is placed on the island closest to the center.
  5. The green stud is one "grain", the brown is one "log", the black is a "cannonball", and the white is one "livestock".


  1. The youngest player goes first, then clockwise. Each player rolls the die. The die has 5 sides with numbers and a purple side. If the player rolls a number, they can move their ship that number of places (not including diagonals). If the player rolls purple, see Kraken Gameplay.
  2. After a player's roll, the first thing they do is collect tax (see Tax). Then they can move their ship.
  3. If the player moves the ship so that it is directly bordering an empty island, they can begin to build in the same turn (see Building Cost). 
  4. If the player moves the ship so that it is bordering an occupied island (one with buildings on it already), they can choose to battle (see Battling) or ignore it.
  5. After they have done all they can or want to do, the player gives the next player in the order the die, and this repeats until one player has a building on every island. 
  6. If a player has lost every one of their buildings to a battle and has no buildings left, they are out of the game and can't play anymore.


  1. In every one of their turns, each player gets a tax (studs) based off their buildings.
  • For every house: one cannonball (black) and one log (brown)
  • For every mansion: two cannonballs (black), one log (brown), one grain (green), and one livestock (white)
  • For every fort: two cannonballs (black), two logs (brown), two grain (green) and two livestock (white)

Building Costs:

  1. To build a building, the player has to build the lower parts before. To build a fort, they have to have already had a mansion on the island. To build a mansion, they must already have a house on the island. Houses can be built on any island.
  2. Each building costs a different amount of supplies to build.
  • Every house: two logs (brown) and a grain (green)
  • Every mansion: two logs (brown), a grain (green), and a livestock (white)
  • Every fort: three logs (brown), four grain (green), two livestock (white)

Kraken Gameplay:

  1. If a player rolls a purple, they control the kraken for one turn.
  2. The kraken can move four spaces (not including diagonals) under the control of the player.
  3. If the kraken walks to an island of an opponent of the player controlling the kraken, the player can take the opponent's building on that island down one level (Ex. a fort would become a mansion).
  4. If the kraken reaches an opponent's ship, the opponent with that ship loses a turn.


  1. If a player's ship sails adjacent to an opponent's island, the player whose turn it is can decide to battle against the island.
  2. Both players (the one who is currently in control of the island and the one whose turn it is) roll the die to see how many cannonballs they will fire.
  3. If both roll the same amount, they both roll again.
  4. Both teams have to give up however many cannonballs they have "fired" based on the die.
  5. Whoever has fired more cannonballs wins the battle.
  6. If the player who had the island wins the battle, the player who attacked loses their next turn.
  7. If the player who had the island loses the battle, their building is knocked down one level (Ex. a fort becomes a mansion, or a house to nothing).
  8. If the island loses its building, the player who attacked can stay the next turn and build a building of their own.


If you've made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you support and like this game! I'll just add some details at the bottom here.


  • Four microfigures of ships
  • 855 bricks overall
  • Kraken minifigure
  • Game board

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