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The Motograph


9000 supporters! Getting very close!

Thankyou to everyone who has supported so far - 9000 is an awesome milestone leaving only 1000 left to the goal! I'm very excited that it's looking like reaching the goal soon! So tell your friends, family and complete strangers about this project and lets get it over the line!

To celebrate, here is an animated animal from my home country of Australia - the kangaroo!


8000 supporters!

Wow 8000 supporters! Thank you so much to everyone supporting this! Here is yet another design to celebrate: a dolphin!


Another Animation

Here's another possible animation made with the parts from the original.
A graceful bird! Enjoy!


5000 supporters! Halfway there!

Wow! Halfway there in less than three months! I am beyond pleased with its progress!

Thankyou to all my supporters so far and thankyou to the Ideas staff for keeping it as a staff pick for so long too! Let's keep this rolling along!

Thought I would build a different animation for people to enjoy, so here's the horse gallop I designed for a previous update:


2500 supporters! A quarter of the way there!

Wow! 2500 supporters!
So pleased to have drawn all the positive support and feedback on this project! It's come so far in the month and-a-half it's been up! Already 1/4 of the way there!

Thank you to everyone who has backed it so far, to all the wonderful comments, the LEGO ideas staff for their support and keeping it as a featured staff pick, and everyone else in-between!

Hopefully we can get it all the way to 10,000!
Be sure to mention it to others you think would like it - friends, family and anyone else - and let's keep this ticking over!


1000 Supporters!

Wow! I'm so pleased to have already achieved 1000 votes of support so quickly! A big thank you to all my supporters and the LEGO Ideas staff for making me a staff pick!
The response has been fantastic and everyone has been so nice! Please mention the project to friends and family that you think might be interested and we can get the project up to the review stage!

Thought I would use these images to explain a little more of the process of making a Motograph image:

First I make a five frame animation within the dimensions of the LEGO image frame:
Here is a horse animation in five frames - each frame coloured differently for clarity.

Then I slice each frame into strips and offset them so that they occupy their own space on the image:
So now when we place the slotted overlay over the top of this image it only reveals one frame at a time, blocking out the rest. When you move the frame, those frames run in sequence together to make an animation!

Easy! Now when you get your Motograph set you can make your own animation!

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