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The Desert Shrine

This build is a Desert Shrine. It is to scale with the micro figures. In a far off land shrines like this one were created centuries ago by the travelers who wandered the deserts. Now you can find many of these shrines scattered across the vast deserts of our world. They are covered in gold from the traveler's offerings.

This particular shrine has a kiln on the first floor made by the original creators of the shrine. You can forge gold in it to offer to the shrine. 

On the second floor there is a gold statue of the maker of the shrine. There are also piles of gold in many different shapes and sizes. 

This set would be a good LEGO set because it has many playability features such as: You can take off all three layers and the side walls for the first layer too see all the interior details, you can position the roof wherever you want it, and many more. It also would be a very good decoration for your house. It consists of 353 pieces. Thank you!!!

P.S. An 11 and 8 year old built this without any help from their parents - although their dad helped with the photos.  

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