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Sunny Tower

Inspired to classic and romaticist buildings, the sunny tower is an original creation about our LEGO cities, parks, dioramas and many other places where we'd like to install, or as standalone building. It's a kind of romaticist gazebo that enriches green areas, where it's possibile to enjoy the landscapes and above all to enjoy sun during spring and summer. The colours are infact warming elements: among the colours there are gold, sand, various shades of yellow and ochre. Flowers and plants are the natural completions of my creation and give a big movement to all the structure, in order to inspire the raise of life typical of spring season. Many efforts has been done to organize stairs (simple stairs in an unique block, two elements between ground floor and the higher part of the tower) and to place decorations by classic elements (balconies on terraces, flower boxes, sculptures). Last images I uploaded are the best to appreciate the stairs system. In particular there's the unmounted structure with a focus on the ground floor. There are wide windows that create many light effects also inside the structure.
Further aspects: I hope you'll enjoy and you'll suggest me anything to make it better. For example some minor revisions are needed about the terraces structure, some trials about the shape of the flowerbed will be good and a different use of plants could enhance the building. If you'd like to help me writing in the comment section I will surely update my creation. Thanks!

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