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Bubble Bunny

Bubble Bunny is an amphibious mecha, a vehicle that can transform from a terrestrial robot to an underwater hull.

I built it to be able to imagine missions in the deepest seabed using a manageable alley for exploration and battle.

I think it could be a Lego set both for the dimensions suitable for inserting a character inside the cockpit. The small size does not prevent housing a pointing system for laser beams.
In the event of danger, the cockpit can be disconnected from the rest of the body and escape quickly.

Bubble Bunny is equipped with two powerful arms to grab heavier objects on the seabed and beyond.
You can also connect as many augers to the pincers to make your way in the underwater caves and collect specimens and treasures.

The turbines are positioned on the legs and on the back to give speed in the water. The mobility of the lower limbs facilitates maneuvers by changing the direction of the thrusters.

Wheels are also applied to the robot's feet to also improve movements on dry land.

Driving this powerful vehicle sits a new superhero with a yellow mask and thick red hair, to hide his true identity (which must remain secret as in any superstory). His name is Lord Messer and he masters technology as an inventor and pilot.

To best represent this model, I insert in the presentation a video showing the robot's moving capabilities.

I also prepared a short construction guide using the Studio software.

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