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COR Fighting Bot


     This is the Combat Oriented Robot, or the COR Fighting Bot. It features a striking black, blue, and yellow color scheme, with a rare chrome visor. It is covered in shock-absorbing armor, for hand to hand combat against other robots. It has four translucent floodlights for operating at night, and translucent rear exhaust vent pieces. The robot is powered by a fusion reactor, which expels excess power as lightning! The model has a jet-looking appearance that makes it look like the state-of-the-art leader of a team...

-Can wield Double Rail Cannon and Double Rail Pistol that can latch on to the back.

-Can make fists for fighting enemy CORs hand-to-hand.

-Fully articulated limbs and fingers, with a rotating waist and head.

-Has flip-up thigh plates for defense while aiming weapons.

-Open the fusion reactor!

-One of 4 other fighting robots.

This doesn't necessarily have to become a set, but I think robot models should look more like this! It has an original look, with great functionality and poseability. The inside could be hollowed out a bit more to house a minifigure, but I filled it with side building pieces that would make the set more detailed. This is definitely a mecha lover's dream set.

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