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400 Supporters!!

I appreciate all of the support thus far as we continue to the goal of 10000 supporters! Please spread the word! And if any of you have any questions just ask in a comment and I'll try my best to respond!


Thanks for the Support! (Here are some pictures of the frame)

Some of you have asked to see the inside of the ship (regarding the frame) so here are some pictures showcasing the ship's interior. I tried to leave some of the shell still there in some of the pictures to give a better idea of how the inside relates to the outside detailing. Most of the technic of the frame is in the back side where the ship is widest. In the front of the ship where the sides taper, I used technic to make a triangular shaped frame with a center structure running down the middle that connects to the triangular frame twice. The whole front section of the ship is angled, and the hinge pieces I used to achieve that slight angle are colored orange in the pictures. The angled plates/sections simply rest on the technic structure. Also, to achieve plating on the bottom of the ship as well as the top, I simply connected two technic pieces together having one with studs facing down, and the other with studs facing up. Thank you again to everyone for supporting!

P.S. I know the pictures aren't great, but I decided to just screenshot them right in LDD rather than take the time to fully render them.



250 Supporters!

250 Supporters: February 28th


Sample Interior

This is an update in response to one of the earlier comments. This person asked about pictures of the interior behind some of the flaps that was described in the description. To avoid confusion, I meant that [if this ship was chosen to be the next Lego Ideas project] Lego could design it to have flaps that opened up to control panels/computers. I originally did not design my ship to have these features, however I roughly through something together in a few minutes to try to better explain/show what Lego could possibly do with my design.


200 Supporters!

200 Supporters: February 21st


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150 Supporters: February 16th


100 Supporters and 1000 Views!

100 Supporters and 1000 Views: February 12th

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