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This is my Lego Acclamator. The Acclamator was an assault-ship used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. It was utilized in various space battles, as well as in landing clone troopers on a planet. This model has 3800 pieces, and could be used for display or for playing. Many of the triangularly shaped "flaps" under the bridge area could be flipped up and a minifigure could be placed inside with an array of control panels/computers surrounding him/her.

The reason that I wanted to build an Acclamator and put it on Lego Ideas is because not many people in the Lego community have actually built Acclamators. It was not a ship that was prominent in the Star Wars movies, however it made frequent appearances on the Star Wars the Clone Wars animated series. The Acclamator was the predecessor to the Venator, however what I love about the Acclamator is its close resemblance in color and in shape to that of the Imperial Star Destroyer (a ship that every Star Wars fan loves and fears simultaneously).

About 50 hours of LDD designing went into this model, especially regarding the design of the frame. This ship has many angles, some subtle and others prominent, and I needed a sturdy frame to make sure that all of the pieces fit together properly. I used a lot of technic pieces and tried to maximize the amount of connections between parts in the frame. My favorite parts of the ship are the two slightly tapered sections: the center spine running down the middle of the ship, and the tail of the ship. Even though they are slight, they make the Acclamator appear more realistic and smooth, as it more closely resembles the actual ship. 

Well that's just a little bit about why I love the Acclamator in Star Wars and in its Lego form. I greatly enjoyed designing this ship, and rendering the awesome realistic pictures (thank you POV-RAY!). Even though I'm in college (away from my bins of Lego D:) I will continue to keep building! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!

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