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747-400 Engine

Want to add an intricate mini-sized lego engine build to your fancy model collection? With an engine thrust of 40,000LB , prepare for a tour to this magnificent looking jet engine to pay (not just money) homage to the 747 family! I built this to pay respects to the magnificent Boeing 747 and let this be a, rather small, model for anybody interested in engines of any kind. Though quite a small Lego build, it can add a touch more life into your collection of lego! Also, this can help you spark a love for aviation and make you interested in aviation overall. Finally, if you are sad that the 747 has now stopped production, let this be a reminder to the beauty of the queen of the skies! So, in conclusion, I believe that this set can be one of the best reminder to the 747 family if you are either an aviation enthusiast, or a lego collector.

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