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Dory and Nemo


Enjoying outdoors

We reached the 300 + mark. thank you so much! We're getting close to my most popular build so far! amazing!
Today I took Dory and Nemo outside, so they could enjoy the sun : )


Bubbles added to Nemo, Dory and Pearl!

Another little friend of Nemo and Dory! Bubbles!!


A new character!

As a 3th update I made a little version of Pearl. Yet another simple but classic character from the Famous Pixar movie! It's made with as few bricks as possible just like Nemo and Dory themselves


2 extra pictures

I added 2 pictures of both Nemo and Dory. Here you can see even better how the back of the little fishes was made.  You have a better look on how it's done! I'm working on "Pearl" another friend of Dory and Nemo. Coming soon!  


First update!

So this project only just started and we are getting close to the 200 votes!

A great start!   thank you so!!!!

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