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The Nowhere King (Centaurworld)


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"Hush now, hide, all you little ones
Rush now, into the middle of nowhere"

In the Netflix series Centaurworld, our hero horse is flung from her war-torn, bleak human world into the vibrant, magical land of Centaurworld. Her adventures to get back to her Rider eventually take her to the void between worlds, where the Nowhere King is waiting for his chance to escape and doom both Centaurworld and the human world to endless darkness.

Build the menacing Nowhere King, the brave Horse, and the heroic Rider!
Rejoice as Horse and Rider are reunited!
Quake as the Nowhere King blocks their path, and traps them in black goo!

  • Swooshable Nowhere King.
  • A brick-built Horse (so wibbley-wobbley!) with several parts recoloured in the new bright light blue shade (so Centaurworld).
  • A Rider minifigure with dual expressions*.
  • A display stand for the Nowhere King.
  • Two goo pits with closable lids for Horse and Rider.
  • Over 550 pieces, more than half of which go into the Nowhere King himself.

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