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Spiritfarer: Stella's Ferry

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SpiritFarer is a critically acclaimed video game that many critics called the Indie Game of the year 2020. In the game, you are Stella, a recently chosen Spiritfarer that help dearly departed resolve remaining issues holding them back and ferry them to the After world. Farewells are bittersweet yet the game leaves a deep comforting feeling.

With the ever so cute cat, Daffodil, watching, you’ll build houses and other needed buildings to entertain the visiting spirits on your ship. As a matter of fact, all 15 spirits of the game represented by their own unique animal are present on the ferry. Who knew that taking care of spirits involved feeding them so often?

An aspect of the game, I really enjoyed was the wacky arrangements of the different buildings on the boat that can be obtained. This is what this set embodies. Once built, you’ll be able to rearrange and stack the 14 building modules as you see fit. The first 4 pictures show the front and back of two different arrangements I made. How will you build them? I am sure builders of all kind will enjoy arranging, and rearranging, the buildings according to their imagination’s wildest ideas! The set consists of 2980 pieces including plenty of extra pieces for building ladders and adjusting for differences of building heights if needed. This gives even more flexibility in the arrangements one can obtain!

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