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Jumanji Game Board

Welcome to jumanji .

For this I was inspired at all 1st film released in 1995 and directed by joe Johnson.

This movie has been watched by many of you and I guess when you see this jumanji game board you couldn't help but hear the jungle beats that pull you in to start playing a game.

However, you will have more fun building it.
This set, which contains 1423 pieces, I have kept quite simplistic and rather childish to make the little ones want to build it.

It is detailed to represent the details of the original box as closely as possible.
You will find on the top of the game board details such as the rhinoceros the elephant the monkey and the hunter van pelt I also represented the mountains and you could also see that I detailed the smoke from the volcano.

Inside the box you will find the 2 dice as well as the 4 figurines such as the elephant, the rhinoceros, the alligator and the monkey.
I hope that my creation will please you and that you will support it.

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