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Deploying the Hubble Telescope


Reenact one of the greatest moments in the history of space exploration--the iconic Space Shuttle deploying the Hubble Space Telescope--with this microscale Lego set! 

Sending the Hubble into orbit meant we could look much further than ever before into the cosmos, bringing both the macro- and micro- worlds into much clearer view through the sciences of Astronomy and Astrophysics.  This set commemorates that achievement, depicting the space shuttle and the Hubble Telescope at that historic moment!

An excellent supplement to the recently released Women of NASA, this set depicts the culmination off the work they and countless others contributed for the advancement of Humankind into space exploration.

Play features include a space-walking microfigure,  functional Canada Arm for deploying cargo, and raising and lowering landing gear.  A cargo bay with working bay doors stores the arm, the satellite, and the space-walk equipment when not in use.  The base depicts Earth against a black backgroud as the shuttle orbits above it.


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