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Storm Chasers - Lego Science Club


Hello and welcome to my next fresh Idea:

Storm Chasers - Lego Science Club

I'm always looking for projects which are playable and
have a science background (if possible).
This time its the weather.

I'm fascinated in tornados and storms and hope that I will
have a chance to photograph one in the future.

And because its saver to build one than to photograph one I
created this set.

It would contain:

1 Pickup Truck
1 Van with technical equipment
2 science probes
1 or 2 Tornados
4 Minifigures (2 Male and 2 Female)

Optional: I would add some parts to transform the Pickup Truck.
Its like an armour to protect the Truck.

I really really hope you like this Idea.

Thank you so much for your visit and support.

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