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Manhattan, New York City Mini-Model!


Background Information about New York City

               Welcome to Manhattan! Back in 1625, the Dutch build the first permanent settlement on Manhattan island. It was known as Fort Amsterdam, New Netherland. As the city grew, it was split into five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. In 1898, all five boroughs amalgamated to form modern day New York City. It is currently one of the most important cities in the United States, and the World.

Some Information about the idea

                The idea first came to me when I visited Manhattan for spring break. The immense height of the skyscrapers took me away almost instantly. While I was at the New York City Lego store I thought to myself, "Wouldn't a Manhattan mini-model be an awesome Lego set?" And so came this Lego ideas product.

About the Lego Set 

               The mini-model itself has exactly 1009 bricks in total. There are about 45 mini-building in total. I tried my best to make every building as close to how they are in real life as possible, but some may be a tiny bit off. There are no minifigures, but if Lego fans would like minifigures in this set they would most likely be prominent citizens of the city.

Why it would make a great Lego set

                A Manhattan mini-model would be so interesting to build and admire. Unlike typical Lego architecture sets that focus on only one building, this product will feature a representation of one of the most beloved "sections", or borough of New York City. It would make an excellent gift to teenagers and adults regardless of whether or not they are Lego fans.

Final Words

               I hope you also see my vision for this as the next Lego Ideas project. With your support, I am certain this idea can be turned into a Lego product. Be sure in the comments to tell me whether or not you would prefer this set to have minifigures.


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