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Brick Reef Lighthouse


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One thing I have noticed is LEGOs lack of a substantial lighthouse. So to fix that, I present to you the no expensive spared Brick Reef Lighthouse! I built it with the modular buildings in mind, not because it would connect to them, but because it could stand in the harbor of a LEGO city that has them. It is fully furnished and completely self sufficient with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. The inspiration came from a lighthouse at a museum  here in Vermont called the Colchester reef lighthouse . I decided to make it look very ornate so it would match the modular buildings and I used a nautical color scheme. The most difficult part of the lighthouse was the beacon on the top. but it does include a light brick that would be able to light up thanks to a cone on the very top. My personal favorite part of the interior is the slanted tile floor in the kitchen.


My LEGO model uses 2719 pieces, but that could very easily be brought down to about 2400-2500 pieces I think. It has two minifigures, the lighthouse keeper and his wife. Some of the accessories include, a guitar, pots and pans, eating utensils, a signal pistol, various foods, and fully furnished rooms.


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