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Brick Reef Lighthouse


The end of the beginning

The end of the road is here for my first project on ideas, but it is really just beginning! As I said in my previous update the lighthouse will be closed for reconstruction starting today. It is undergoing some major changes that I hope will get it the required support to reach 10k and maybe a staff pick! Thank you everyone for all the support and kind comments and wonderful suggestions. Hopefully I will see you all back here for the grand reopening of the Brick Reef Lighthouse! Brick on everyone!


Closed for construction.

Thank you everyone for the awesome support that you have given my first project! It really means a lot to me and  you have helped me grow so much since I submitted this project two months ago!

The Brick Reef Lighthouse will be closed for construction starting tomorrow. Construction has already commenced and with hopefully be completed by the end of this week! It is getting a paint job and a tower remodel. I hope that everyone will come back to give their support to it and help it reach the first milestone very quickly! Thank you again so much and brick on!


Where are you supporters?

This project has slowed to a halt... if I do not receive 100 supporters before the time is up I will re-upload this but with high quality photos and see how well it does then. Thank you to those who have supported thus far and keep building!


High quality rendered images!

It feels so good to finally do my projects justice with high quality photos. Enjoy!


50 Supporters!

Thank you so much for 50 supporters! Now onward to 100 and beyond! Keep supporting, sharing, following, commenting, and most importantly keep building!


New project

My second project was approved and is now up for supporters to support! Thank you for all the support and kind remarks thus far!



Next update is a small water craft. Like the reef it isn't anything over the top, just an inflatable raft that would be destroyed by the reef if it wasn't for the lighthouse. It's also a way to add a third minifigure to the set.

I have a second project that I am hoping to submit for approval either today or tomorrow, so stay tuned for that and keep building!


Reef concept

Here is my idea for the reef. Nothing over the top, just a small yet dangerous rock formation. The images are pictures of both sides. It only brings the part count up by 49 bricks to 2760, so I may try to build a small boat as well! Also, I have a new project that I am working on that I will submit for approval in the next day or so.



I have been thinking about adding a reef for the lighthouse. This is my first idea for expansion so let me know what you think.Thank you and please make sure to share, support, and follow!

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