Product Idea

Rocky I – V Boxing Ring Display Set

Based on the iconic Rocky movies, these Lego vignette’s feature the classic Boxing ring from the 1st Rocky movie and the main characters from all 5 films. We also have the famous steps from outside the Philadelphia Museum where Rocky trains, including his statue. 4 Mini-figures display Rocky in all his colours across the 5 films including his iconic red white and blue shorts, given by the late Apollo. Other characters include the Master of Disaster himself; Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago. A red, white and blue display board has also been included to show off the mini-figures when not shown in the ring.


The set consists of approx. 250 pcs, 9 mini-figs and details such as stools, drinks, ring bell and bucket.

This is a must have set for any Rocky fan!

Thanks for looking and please support if you would like the chance to build this set.