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Burger King

This is the Burger King building my friend GrantBus1 and I made.
The building is blue and white with the black window and white panes.
There is the blue counter that the employee can put the food on, and you can
see the logo on top.

Here is the interior of the restaurant. The deep-fryer is on the left with the French fry packets on the bottom.
The burger stand is on the right with the cheeseburger inside.
The white cash register is on the close left, and right beside it the employee
can sit or stand at the window.

Here shown is the close-up of the deep-fryer and the burger stand.
The deep-fryer has the two french-fry packets in the space at the bottom.
It is blue and white. The burger stand has the cheeseburger inside of it.
It is blue and gray. They are simple but nice builds.

Here is the employee himself. He has a blue cap, a cheery smile, a blue shirt, and tan pants.
He is holding a burger and fries. He does not have a double-sided head.

Be sure to check out my friend GrantBus1's projects. He has a McDonald's similar to this Burger King. : )

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